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About Adult Ed Sustainability, This Website, & Cynthia

What is Adult Ed Sustainability? 

  • Recycling and composting on campus.

  • Adult Ed Green Teams.

  • Climate Change, Sustainability, Indigenous Science, Intersectionality embedded in Adult Ed Curriculum.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Community Resiliency - as class offerings and as part of school and district policies and professional development.

  • Inclusion of Student Voice in Campus & Community Sustainability Discussions & Policy.

  • Accessibility of information & participation - across language, cultural, and ability needs and preferences.

  • Green Jobs in Adult Ed Career Education programs.

  • Adult Ed included in State and Federal discussion, policy, and funding for Sustainability Education & Programs and Green Workforce Development.

  • Sustainability included in Adult Ed Teacher and Admin Credential Programs and Professional Development.

  • Adult Education included in Sustainability Education & Climate Work by Teachers Unions.

  • Sustainability included in Adult Ed Organization Discussions on Local, State & Federal levels.

  • And what else?!  


Who is Cynthia?

I'm a long time Adult Ed teacher, union member, and advocate now retired from active teaching on campus. Co-founder of Green Team at San Mateo Adult School. Mother, daughter, sister, friend, family, community member.  

I'm looking forward to when Adult Ed Sustainability is practiced and promoted by schools, credential programs, professional organizations, academia, and teachers unions. 

This Website

To do my part, I've started this website as a place where we can support each other with ideas, information, and strategies for the promotion and practice of Adult Ed Sustainability.

Your contributions and feedback are invited. Please share this website with others, add to the resource list, and consider writing a post for the blog. 

Connect and Support

You can connect with me at gcteachercynthia at gmail dotcom.

You can support my Adult Ed Sustainability work here.

- Cynthia Eagleton 


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