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CA Naturalist English Learner Resource Deck

Updated: Feb 4


Click here to see a slide deck of info, images, resources, and activities designed to support High Level Adult Education English Learners in learning more about nature, science, and job pathways for folks who like nature.

The deck is designed to be a

  • source of information and inspiration for Adult Ed ESL and ABE classrooms

  • beginning - not an end - to learning more about nature

  • useful array of choices; use in whole or part, as you see fit

  • supplement to the EL Civics Environment COAPP

The deck was created as my capstone for the UC Environmental Stewards California Naturalist course. It is a work in progress. Some slides are yet to come and some may change.

I will create a Teacher Guide for the Resource Deck sometime in 2024.

If you or someone you know is interested in providing assistance with that - especially for the Teacher Guide, let me know.

Feel free to use or share the deck and follow these rules as you do:

  • Don't copy and change a slide so that it appears I created something else

  • Credit my work

Supporting my work at Buy Me A Coffee goes a long way to making more of this work possible.

Your feedback is welcomed.

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