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Adult Ed Sustainability Newsletter

Excerpt from newsletter:

Climate is Key California Priority

  • Data & Bullet Points: California Climate Commitment

  • 53.9 billion $ for climate in CA across 6 years

  • Questions to Consider:

  • Is Climate a clear priority in Adult Ed?

  • Is it discussed at CAEP - California Adult Ed Program?

  • Is it part of discussions around funding and COLA?

  • Is it a strand at conferences?

  • Is it on the drop down menu of any Adult Ed org or agency in CA?

  • Does CA include Adult Ed in Climate policy/planning/funding?

  • Are Adult Ed folks invited to work groups?

  • Are Adult Ed folks involved in planning Green Job pathways?

  • Where are and aren’t Adult Learner and Alumni voices included in this?

Your feedback, comments, ideas, and contribution for a future edition (January 2024?) are welcomed!

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