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Adult Education and Climate Action Plans - Coming Together for Community

This post is focused on California

but can apply to all states

with a little research on resources!

Nothing For Us Without Us

Climate Actions Plans are created by cities and counties to prepare for and respond to Climate Change. By design, they must include planning for vulnerable populations.

Planning includes opportunities for stakeholder involvement - but oftentimes folks do not know about these opportunities and/or do not have the time or means to learn more or get involved.

As noted in the previous blog post, Adult Learners are especially vulnerable to Climate Change.

Adult Learners include both long-time and new residents of California and provide a snapshot of both current and future demographics.

Note: Latinos are the largest ethnic group in both California and California Adult Learners. They are a group hard hit by Climate Change and ready to take action.

heat waves, powerful hurricanes, sea level rise and floods, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The EPA estimates that Hispanic and Latino people are more than 40%

more likely to live in places where it will frequently be too hot to work a

full day outside.

  • A 2017 survey found that Latinos are more engaged with the topic of climate change, and more concerned about its effects, than other racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.

Adult Learners are not only stakeholders in the future, but providers of information, outreach, accessibility, and efficacy - where Climate and so much else is concerned.

To be effective, Climate Action Plans must include Adult Education Learners and Providers as participants in their creation.

Information to Support Connections

  • Partnership and Participation Opportunities

  • Large or Small

    • County or city

    • Regional Consortium, school, program, or student leadership group

  • County Focus

    • Many counties have CAPs - Climate Action Plans

    • or ECAPs - Equity Climate Action Plans

  • Adult Ed is administered regionally - often along county lines

  • Good for Everyone

    • Inclusion of Adult Ed in Climate Action Planning means

      • Better plans for everyone

        • more accurate, more effective, more inclusive, more equitable

      • And more visibility for Adult Education

        • with more possibilities for Adult Ed to partner in

          • Green Job pathways

          • Environmental Education

          • Civic and Community engagement

    • Language, cultural, and other types of accessibility - Adult Ed both a call for and a source of

    • DEI - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Civics, Immigrant Integration, and Student Leadership in action

  • Action Steps Needed

  • Adult Education is often the hidden treasure chest in a community.

    • Adult Learners know about but City & County Leaders may not.

  • Adult Education providers may not receive notifications of Climate Action Planning or invitations to be part of.

  • Climate Action Planners should seek out local Adult Ed Regional Consortia and visa-versa.

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