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What is Adult Ed Sustainability?

What is Adult Ed Sustainability?

  • Recycling and composting on campus.

  • Adult Ed Green Teams.

  • Climate Change, Sustainability, Indigenous Science, Intersectionality embedded in Adult Ed Curriculum.

  • Inclusion of Student Voice in Campus & Community Sustainability Discussions & Policy.

  • Accessibility of information & participation - across language, cultural, and ability needs and preferences.

  • Green Jobs in Adult Ed Career Education programs.

  • Adult Ed included in State and Federal discussion, policy, and funding for Sustainability Education & Programs.

  • Sustainability included in Adult Ed Teacher and Admin Credential Programs and Professional Development.

  • Adult Education included in Sustainability Education & Climate Work by Teachers Unions.

  • Sustainability included in Adult Ed Organization Discussions on Local, State & Federal levels.

  • And what else?!



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